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Breath, listen, exercise

Learn how to breath, to expel stress, temper your emotions, exercise and feel the difference.

The yoga that's been taught is Viniyoga, based on postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayamas) and meditation (dhyana). This practice is based on respect for every person, adapted to their needs and abilities.

'Vini' in Viniyoga means 'adaptation'. It is not the person who adapts to the yoga but the yoga that adapts to the person. The term Viniyoga was used by T. K. V. Desikachar (son of ‘the father of modern yoga’ T. Krishnamacharya) to describe his approach to utilize the tools of yoga, in particular his conviction that yoga practice should be adapted to suit the individual and the situation of each practitioner. He maximized the therapeutic benefits of yoga introducing new ideas into the classical postures.

The lessons are given by Winde SYMONS, graduate teacher of the French yoga institut (IFY).


Benefits of Viniyoga:

• It helps to expel stress and to live more serene.
• It improves your breathing.
• It increases your concentration.
• It strengthens your body and increases your flexibility.
• It teaches you to listen to your body and to respond.
• It will bring you positive benefits in your daily life.


You can practice yoga whether you are flexible, stiff, athletic, young or old.

Avis des pratiquants

"J'ai connu Winde grâce au Yoga prénatal . Elle m'a permit de vivre une grossesse sereine , sans les douleurs habituelles ( douleurs de dos, bassin etc ... ) . J'ai vraiment apprécié chacun des ..."

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